Instagram Downloader Video

What is meant by Instagram Video Downloader?

Instagram downloader video is a tool available to our users so that they can download any video from Instagram. This tool charges nothing from its users and moreover there is one plus thing that it allows you to download the unlimited number of videos from Instagram Accounts. Once you have the copy link then place it in the given place and press the download icon given there.

Instagram Downloader Video

The Process to Download an Instagram Videos

  • Open the desired video on your device, there will you see a vertical line of three dots at the top right corner of the video
  • Press that given vertical line and a link icon will be in front of you, press the icon and copy the link
  • Open the tool and paste the link there, press the download icon and the video will be downloaded into the gallery of the device

Features in Our Tool 

Instantly Download the Videos

It can download videos fast in which you have to paste the link; press the download button and download it.

HD Quality Videos 

Our tool maintains the quality of the videos so that you can download them in the same format. Moreover, you have the option to download it in any format.

 Safe Downloader 

You only have the link to the video to download it and nothing else. It doesn’t require the login or password of the Instagram account.

24/7 Available Services

This tool is workable from any corner of the world at any time. So, you must have the proper link and internet connection and the tool will work.

Unlimited Videos

This tool has no limit for downloading videos, so you can download as much as you want. Moreover, it charges nothing so spend nothing and enjoy limitless. 


This tool is made in such a way that users should have minimum difficulties will using it. If you see any problems then let us know and we will fix them.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much time does the tool take while download a video?

Well, it depends upon the uploaded format but our tool tries to download it as soon as possible.

Do you keep a record of the videos downloaded by using your tool?

Well, if we keep the record then you should neglect it as it will not use against you.

Do I have to pay something while using your downloader tool?

As we charge nothing so there is nothing to pay for using our tool. So, pay nothing and enjoy.

How number of videos do you allow to download through the tool?

Well, there is no limit to downloading the videos, it simply means that you can enjoy an unlimited number of videos.

Is your tool safe in terms of use or not?

Well, this tool is made in such a way that it will create a minimum number of difficulties for its users. It doesn’t require a login to the account.

Why should I prefer your downloader tool?

This downloader tool requires only the link of the video. You can also download unlimited number of videos through this video.

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