Instagram Photo Downloader

Instagram is a widely used social media app in the present era as hundreds of millions of people use it for different purposes. Some use it for advertisement purposes though initially it was only limited to communication purposes. Now with the new features of Instagram, it has also become a source of income for many users. While scrolling on Instagram, you see an image and wants to download it without losing its pixel.

Instagram photo downloader is an online free tool that helps you to download the image of any public Instagram account instantly with maximum quality of the image. You have the option to download an unlimited number of desire photos in any format and share them anywhere you want. Instagram Photo downloader is available for you to download any image from any account of the public category. The only thing that is required to download the Instagram photo is its URL and nothing Else.

Instagram Photo Downloader

Guidelines to Download a Photo 

  • Open the Instagram app on your device, move towards the specific photo, you will see the three dots
  • Now press the three dots and you will see a link icon before you, press it and copy the link
  • Now come to our website, open it, paste the link in the desired place, press the download icon and it will work
Instagram Photo Downloader

Features Provided In Instagram Photo Downloader

Fast Instagram Photo Downloader

You paste the link in the desired place, press the download icon given there, and then the tool downloads the pic for you.

High-Quality Photos

Every one of you wants to download your favorite photos as they see them online without losing any pixel of it. Our tool maintains the quality of photos and you can download it easily in any available format.

Secure tool

Our tool is secure to use as it requires only the link of the desire photo and we don’t share any of your information with anyone.

24/7 Available Services 

Our tool is available at any time to download Instagram Photos for you instantly at any place.

Unlimited Downloads

You can download an unlimited number of Instagram Photos by using our tool without expending any single penne over it, so enjoy the unlimited images in your gallery.


Our tool is user-friendly and is made in such a way that there should be a minimum number of difficulties for our users. So, use our tool to download photos from any public Instagram account and enjoy them in your gallery.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the function of an Instagram Post Downloader?

Instagram post downloader is a tool that is specifically established to download photos from an Instagram account.

Would your downloader tool support be downloading photos on a PC?

Yes, you can use it on any device may be on a PC, Android, or iPhone to download the photos. The main requirement to download the photo is the net and link of the photo and that’s it.

Can I use your tool to download an unlimited number of photos from Instagram?

Yes, our tool offers you to download an unlimited number of photos without expending single penne. So, use it for downloading the images for free and unlimited.

Is there any violation of Instagram’s privacy policy while saving photos?

No, there is no violation of Instagram’s privacy policy for downloading photos from Instagram. So, download the photos without any fear and enjoy them in your gallery.

How fast your downloader is in downloading the photo?

Well, you paste the copy link at the given place, press the download icon and it downloads the photo with a blinking of eyes. You have to wait for a little and nothing else.

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