Instagram is one of the widely used social media platforms which is trusted by millions of users. These users use Instagram to search for any sort of product with its original origin as Instagram can provide them. This trust of people on it helps this app to have a great place among social media platforms. When You scroll on Instagram and see an image there that attracts your heart to it. This helps you to decide to download that image from Instagram. You can have that image by using a downloading tool or an app. As the app will occupy some sort of memory on your device and also needs to download it first. A Instagram picture Downloader can be a better option for you as it doesn’t need to be downloaded before using it.

Guidelines to Download an Image from Instagram 

Search the image 

1st of all you should have an idea of the image and second search for it on Instagram. If you find it then it’s good and now here a three-dot line will be visible to you in the top right corner.

Copy the Link 

Now press that line, and a copy link icon will be in front of you, press it and it will automatically copy the link.

Download the image 

Open the Instagram Image Downloader, paste the copy link there and download the image.

Features in the Downloader tool 

Instagram Photo Downloader HD 

The striking feature that every downloader should have been the capacity to download Photos of any quality. This downloader maintains the uploading quality of the picture so that you can easily enjoy the same picture in the gallery. This also allows you to download a picture in any of the formats.

Download Multiple Instagram Picture

This tool gives you a chance to download an unlimited number of photos. This also doesn’t charge a single penny for downloading a picture. So, you can download any number of photos through this downloader and spend nothing.

Fast Downloader 

It works very fast while downloading a picture for you. It would help if you had to paste the link of the picture in the desired place and it will download that picture for you asap. So, give it a chance and you won’t regret it.

24/7 Service 

This downloader tool can be run by any device from any corner of the world at any time. You can also complain to us if you find any sort of problem while using this downloader tool. We will try to fix it asap.

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Frequently Asked Question 

Does it support android and iPhone devices?

This can be logged in by any sort of device if you have a proper internet connection.

Does it require an account login for downloading a picture?

Instagram Picture Downloader just requires the link to the picture to download it and nothing else.

How much time does it take to download the picture?

This downloader tool takes little time for downloading the videos. You can download the picture within no time.

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