What is an Instagram Story Video Downloader?

Instagram is a social media platform widely used across the world for different purposes. Among many features of Instagram, videos are the best one. You are scrolling on Instagram and going through a video and want to have that one in the gallery. You can download the video through an app or a tool. The tool is the better option as it doesn’t require installation into the device. Instagram Video Downloader is made in such a way that you can easily download any type of video from Instagram without any delay. The link to the video and a proper internet connection is required for downloading a video.

Steps to download a video from Instagram 

  • Scroll down to the favorite video and here it will show three dots in the top right corner
  • Press three dots and then press the copy link icon that is shown after one press  
  • Open the downloader tool and paste the link. It will download the video for you instantly

Features in Instagram Video Downloader 

Instagram story download HD 

The most important thing about a downloader tool that whether it can maintain the quality of the videos while downloading. This downloader tool maintains the quality of the downloaded videos. Moreover, it can allow you to download videos in any of the available formats.

Instagram saver

The most important striking feature is the unlimited free videos downloading facility. You now can download any number of videos through this downloader tool without any payment. So, bring the link to the video and download it through our downloading tool.

Instagram Log in 

The most important feature that makes our tool safer is its requirement of it. It doesn’t require an account login for downloading a video. The link to the video and a proper internet connection are the requirements of the downloader tool to download a video.

24/7 service 

You can log in through any of the google accounts from any corner of the world to download videos. This downloader tool is always here to help you to download videos from any of the public Instagram accounts.

Fast Downloader 

This downloader tool is very fast in downloading videos for you from public Instagram accounts. You can download any video from any of the accounts within the blinking of an eye.

Other Services

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does this tool support Android and iPhone devices?

Yes, this tool support both android, as well as iPhone, devices. You can download story videos through any of the given devices.

Does this tool need an Instagram login for downloading a story video?

Well, it requires only the link to the story to be downloaded and nothing else.

How many number of story videos you can download through this downloader tool?

You can download the unlimited number of story videos through this downloader tool. These all are downloaded without any charge.

Does this tool maintain the videos quality?

Yes,this tool maintains the quality of the videos downloaded by it. You can use it to download videos in any of your favorite format.

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