Instagram Video Downloader

The currently used social media platforms are very important but Instagram is mostly used. Hundreds of thousands of people use it for different purposes like to find out the brand name or to check the quality of different products.  You can use it for communication as well as advertisement purposes. Instagram Video is the most important feature of Instagram that helps you to upload your videos related to different categories and you can download the videos by using Instagram Video Downloader. You can advertise the products of different companies and in this way can add a lot to your monthly income. So, upload the videos of your talent on Instagram and make yourself a celebrity by gaining the maximum number of followers through these videos.

You like some of the videos and want to have them in your device gallery when scrolling on Instagram. The best option is to copy the link of that video and paste it into an Instagram Video downloader tool. The tool will download it for you in seconds without any cost and you can download an unlimited number of videos by using these tools. So, an Instagram video downloader tool downloads the video for you at any moment you want to download it.

Instagram Video Downloader

How to Download the Instagram Videos?

  • First of all open the Instagram app on your device, tap on the desire video, tap on the three dots given on the right top corner
Instagram Video Downloader
  • These three dots will show the link option press it and copy the link
Instagram Video Downloader
  • Now paste that copied link on in our tool at its desired place and push the Download button and it will start downloading.
Instagram Video Downloader

Features Provided in Instagram Video Downloader

  • Fast Instagram Video Downloader

This tool download videos in blinking of the eyes. After you’ve pasted the copy link in the desired place, it starts working, and download the videos within no time.

  • Quality Videos

Our tool maintains the quality of videos and you can download the videos in the maximum number of options. The quality of the video depends upon the uploading format but our tool provides you with the desired video in the best available option.

  • 24/7 service

You can use it to enjoy your desired video in your gallery at any time of the day. If you face any difficulty while using our tool, you can contact us and we will give you a response as soon as possible.

  • Secure Tool

This tool is secure to use as it doesn’t require any sensitive information to download the videos. The only requirement is the link to the desired videos and nothing else.

  • Unlimited Videos

You can download an unlimited number of videos by using our tool without any cost. So, use it to download the unlimited number of videos you want to enjoy in your gallery.

  • User Friendly

Our tool is user friendly as most of the users do not face any type of difficulty while using it for downloading the Instagram Videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tool working able on android and iPhone devices?

Yes, our tool is working able on both android and iPhone at any time of the day. The only thing requires to download a video is its link or nothing else.

Is your tool very fast in downloading the videos from public accounts?

Well, our tool works very fast and all you need is to place the link and it will download the video into your device gallery within no time. So, use this tool and enjoy your videos in the gallery and watch them offline.

Can I use your tool to download the videos of private accounts?

To download the videos from a private account, you have to download an extension “ Helper” into your device, and then it will download the Instagram videos for you. You can only download the videos from public accounts and not the private ones while using our tool.

Can I claim the copyright of Instagram downloaded Video?

No, you can’t claim the copyright of the downloaded video. The only thing we provide you is to download the video and nothing else.

Can this tool maintain the qualities of Instagram videos?

Well, the quality of an Instagram Video depends upon the format in which it was uploaded. Our tool gives you options and you can download it in any format and our tool will maintain the quality.

Is the Account holder be notified when we download the Videos?

The account holder is notified when you view his/ her video on Instagram and download or share it. But there is no need to worry about any violation of rules, just download the videos and enjoy them.

Why should we prefer the downloader tool over others?

This downloader tool doesn’t require the account login or something else that is sensitive. It does require only the link of the videos require to download.

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