Instagram is a social media platform that is used by hundreds of millions of people all across the world. These people use Instagram to search for any brand name of a product. At the very first, it was introduced only for communication purposes but later on, new features were also introduced in it. Now, you people can see that many people can advertise their business products there. Several people use Instagram to search for jobs, business opportunities, and others purposes. Instagram story saver is a downloader tool through it you can save any story. It doesn’t require an account login of your account and you can download story videos without any watermark.

How to download Story Video?

  • Search the Story video

1st of all find out the Instagram Story you want to download into your device gallery. For this purpose, 1st of all open Instagram open and go to the story feature. There search for video stories and there you will see three dots line vertically.

  • Copy the Link 

First of all, press the vertical line and it will bring a copy link icon. Press the copy link icon and it will copy it.

  • Open Downloader tool

Now open a downloader tool where you can place the link to download the story video. Paste the link at the desired place, press the download button given there and it will download the video for you.

Features in the Downloader tool

  • Instant Downloader 

The important feature of the downloader tool is the speed through which it downloads the story videos. This Instagram downloader works very fast in downloading videos. You have to paste the link there and it will save the video into your gallery with the blinking of your eyes.

  • Free Downloads 

This Instagram Saver tool doesn’t charge a penny for downloading a video through it. You can also download an unlimited number of videos through it. So, use this downloader tool and download unlimited free story videos through it.

  • Insta Login 

This downloader tool does require only the link to the video you want to download. There is no Insta login requirement for this purpose. As it doesn’t require any of your sensitive information, so this downloader tool is safe to use.

  • 24/7 Services 

You can run this downloader tool at any time of the day. For this purpose, you can use any type of device. You can also complain to us about any such type of difficulty you’ve faced during the process. We will try to fix that one problem so that others shouldn’t face that one problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this downloader tool require an account login?

No, this downloader tool doesn’t require any such type of account login. You just have to put copy link there and it will download the story video for you.

Does this downloader tool safe to use?

This downloader tool doesn’t require any such type of sensitive information from you. You can download an unlimited number of free videos through story Saver Instagram.

How much time does it take for downloading a story?

It does take a little time for downloading a story video. You will have the video in no time.

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